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Útiles Beauty was founded by celebrity hairstylist Alyx Liu who recognized the need for non-gimmicky essential hair tools that simply “work”. Simple beauty concepts perfected. All of our products are designed, developed and tested by Alyx.

“The Hairtie” is made from a super stretchy soft nylon blend fabric unique to Útiles Beauty. This allows for the ultimate customization of your desired level of tautness, expertly designed and developed by celebrity hairstylist Alyx Liu.


Útiles Beauty is bold, versatile and mindful in all that we deliver — from the products and packaging to our overall inclusive mission. We believe in creating tools that not only “work” but are long-lasting, high quality, efficient, and easy to use for everybody. Sure there are a lot of beauty tools out there that “work” but at Útiles Beauty we have pushed to redefine what “work” really means for our customers. We believe in creating tools that do more than simply "work". Everyone has that one special beauty tool that they hate to misplace, lend or lose; this is the sensation we aim to create with all of our beauty tools–essential at their core.