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what is the typical shipping time and policy?

for all orders, please allow for 1-2 business days (or less) for processing time. we are a small POC LGBTGQIA+ owned business and will do our absolute best to fulfill orders in the order in which they are received amongst the COVID19 pandemic.

we are offering free domestic ground shipping over $60 with delivery within 5-7 business days. For orders under $60, we offer domestic shipping at a flat rate of $7.00. we are also happy to offer rates for two-day and express shipping (2-5 days) which is calculated at checkout.

international shipping is offered and will be calculated at checkout pending your country’s shipping rates and desired shipping time from los angeles, ca.  please note, international shipping rates may be expensive, and we are actively working on getting reduced rates from couriers.

I am having trouble checking the status of my order and/or tracking my shipment. 

if you are unable to check the status of your order or track your shipment via your account, please email with your order # and we will get back to you the soonest possible.

what is special about these hairties?

these hairties were developed, designed and tested by celebrity hairstylist Alyx Liu. “the hairtie” is made out of a super soft nylon elastic rolled band with a diameter of 6.5 cm and a band thickness of 1 cm, this hairtie stretches to about 40-45 centimeters wide allowing for ultimate tension customization over your looks (loose, medium, tight, ultra tight — you name it). it is great on all hair textures (wavy, curly, coily, straight), ideal for those with hair extensions/hair pieces (clip-ins/ponytail wraps), and gentle on fragile hair (bleached/highlighted, colored, thin, fine). they are super versatile and ideal for everyone.

are your products gentle on hair and color safe?

yes, our hairties are gentle on all hair types and color/bleach safe. our hairties are made out of a super soft nylon elastic rolled band which cushions your hair strands as you loop your hair through. even at its tightest setting, “the hairtie” was designed to be gentle enough to not break/snap hair around the band unlike most other hairties on the market. to avoid breakage/snapping, we always recommend being patient when tying your hair, it is very important to take clean and precise sections (if doing halfup/pigtails/etc) to avoid accidental tangling on the band.

when taking off your hairtie, we recommend unraveling in the reverse way of application, unwind it loop by loop — do NOT pull to take off the whole band. this will avoid unnecessary snagging/breaking. the more patient and gentle you are with your hair, the less likely you are to get tangles/breakage. 

my hairtie is getting stretched out. why?

our hairties are meant to be secure, easy to use, and ensure long lasting styles. as you use your hairtie — stretching of its original size and shape is to be expected. the tighter you make the hairtie, the looser it will become over time. this is a natural occurrence and not a defect. please keep in mind, oils and strong hairsprays may start to affect the hairtie’s ability to return to its original elasticity. in all our tests, even though the original size and shape may vary after uses, it is still absolutely functional and may require a few more loops to secure your look.

if you are trying to extend the life cycle of your hairties, we recommend setting aside a few hairties aside from your box to save for your looser styles and a few designated hairties for all your super tight snatching needs. your super tight snatching hairties may stretch out sooner, but since you will likely always loop it to maximum tightness — you wont need to worry about it not returning to its original size. 

if within 14 days of receiving your purchase, you are unsatisfied with your purchase — we are happy to refund your purchase excluding the shipping cost. we will not be able to refund your purchase after 14 days of receiving your order.

my acrylic box cracked. do you replace the box?

we are so sorry to hear and apologize! unfortunately we do not issue replacement boxes or accept returns of broken boxes (unless damaged during the shipment process). due to the delicate and chic hand crafted design of our acrylic box, it is not unbreakable by any means. we recommend treating our acrylic box as if it were a glass container and recommend upcycling it for stationary items like cotton pads/swabs, small cosmetic products, bobbi pins, clips, makeup brush holder, jewelry, coins/keys, office supplies. we do not recommend stowing our box in luggage/suitcases without ample padding.

is Útiles Beauty environmentally friendly?

here at Útiles Beauty, we strive to make all of our products as environmentally friendly as possible — from the actual tools to packaging and shipping. we are strongly opposed to single use packaging and strongly believe in recycling and upcycling. our branded acrylic boxes are made of high quality durable food grade acrylic which are intended to be upcycled (re-used), we recommend refilling it with cotton pads/swabs, small cosmetic products, bobbi pins, clips, makeup brush holder, jewelry, coins/keys, office supplies, etc.

do you offer professional discounts?

we do! please email to inquire. we will need to collect your general information, verification of your cosmetology license, drivers license, a call sheet to qualify for a % discount.

how can I become part of the Útiles Beauty team?

please email us your resume and a little bit about yourself at to inquire about available positions 

I am interested in carrying your product in my salon/beauty store.

we are happy to arrange wholesale orders for salons/beauty stores, please email to inquire.

I am interested in partnering/collaborating with Útiles Beauty.

please send along to to inquire.